December 11, 2014

We moved into our "treehouse" in winter over two years ago, planning in spring to welcome some chickens into our lives.  A little bit of rural life within our rainforest location felt so exciting and comforting and right.  Alas, spring came and went with a necessary overseas trip, and some broken limbs requiring lots of care so our beloved chickens were on the back burner.

During the following autumn my honey drew up some marvellous plans for a chicken coop, with the intention of building it as a winter project.  Alas, this year his winter was spent caring for me and lovingly parenting our little girl - a much higher priority wouldn't you say?  So although somewhat disappointing not to have our egg laying girls with us yet, I'm learning that good things happen in their own good time.  Hopefully next spring everything might fall into place :)

Saying that, I was still hankering for a little bit of "life" about the place, when I had a sudden revelation.  Frogs!  We have some resident green and gold bell frogs in the "jungle" part of our property already so introducing a few more wouldn't exactly be a big deal...

Anyway, long story short, a very exciting, much anticipated parcel arrived in the post!. Live tadpoles!  Oooh fun.  Our little girl has been chattering constantly about legs and tails, and feeds them frozen spinach after she finishes her dinner each night.

Simple fun.



  1. Wow, what a great idea!! hope you keep us posted on froggys progress. You have been in my thoughts Lisa, hope you are well x

  2. Great that's a fantastic idea I have always loved frogs and been fascinated with their transformation x

  3. How exciting!! and you're right good things take time! We finally getting another set of bees after our last ones were wiped out by wasps.....chickens would be great too! But I'm thinking next spring is good as any aswell :)) x

  4. What a great thing to have :-) And perfect in your location. She'll have such fun watching them change over the weeks and eventually releasing them.
    We had chicken when we first moved to our home. Then when we moved out for repairs we sold them and have never quite got round to replacing them. Like you we have slightly missed the boat this spring, but I figure 3 cats, a dog and a pony are pretty good going and very time consuming!


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