Building in the Jungle

February 12, 2015

Living amongst rainforest is amazing.  Trying to grow things in it is, ahem, challenging.   Having a wee garden space to grow and pick some salad greens, veges and berries has to be one of my favourite spring and summer joys.  I am not a hardcore gardener but I find it so enjoyable to wander outside, weed a little, water a little and pick a little.  Munching on a few sun warmed berries and a fresh pea pod or two while outside is simply my idea of heaven.

The jungle is the sunniest spot at our place, unfortunately it is very steep and virtually all hard, compacted clay.  Not particularly conducive to growing goodies for the table which is why I feel so incredibly lucky that whilst I was sick, my dad and my Honey set to work putting in some little garden beds for me.

This started in early October and the "after" pics below are a few weeks along when I took the grand tour!  Making the trip down was quite the effort for me at the time and I was so happy when I saw them in person I almost cried :)  

It look so very different now, a few months later and the beds are full of edible plants.  I will have to share some peeks soon of what it looks like now we are actually harvesting!

I love to have a look around other peoples food gardens.  If you have blogged about your garden this summer I would love to see it.  Please leave a link in the comments so I can take a peek :)

Lots of summer gardening love to you!



  1. How awesome is this! Love the boxes they built! Your garden is so lush and beautiful! I can't wait to see all of your veggies friend! Nicole

  2. You have a magic place!

  3. They are perfect!! I love that they created a climbing structure to the back of them too! so handy! My garden looks like half of the side is productive and lovely and the other 3 quarters of it the kikuyu grass has taken over again! all that hot sun has made it difficult for me to get out and deal to it....maybe soon :)

  4. Hello Lisa...oh what a wonderful gift! Very different growing conditions & terrain that you have there in your jungle compared to my very flat Hawke's Bay section that's for sure. Great plan making the raised beds. Clay is awkward old stuff. What berries did you plant? My fav berries are raspberries & I find it really worth while to grow them. I even have a gold one in a pot coming along. Golly the birds sure love them too! I see that you have an abundance of montbretia. I have grown to love it's sprays of cheery orange flowers. Have a lovely week...nibbling along & watering a little as you go : ) Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. They are things of beauty - your dad (and E) are legends xx


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