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February 03, 2015

Gosh, what an amazing response to the toadstool house pattern!  I am blown away by your support in purchasing my latest pattern: "A Village of Toadstools" and it makes my heart sing to know that so many of you want to make your own little toadstool village - I can't wait to see the results :)

Yesterday I promised to share with you some of the delightful toadstool houses made by the super talented ladies in the testing group.  There were so many wonderful ideas, and I think everyone really enjoyed putting their own little touches onto their 'shrooms.

So today is a selection of work from the testing team.  Thanks so much to Sarah, Jacqui, Miriam, Aimee, Louana, Stacey, Jodi, Wendy, Gail, Toni and Viki for sharing your pics with us.

Be sure to stop by these blogs and check out Louana's Green and Red Toadstool here, Miriam's Peacock and Spotted Toadstool here, and Aimee's Magic Toadstool House here.

...and a few final pics, because, well why not?!

If you would like to have a go at making your own toadstool, you can get your copy of the "Village of Toadstools" pattern in my shop here or using the button below.

It features three different sized toadstools, a full tutorial, pattern pieces and a handy embroidery & inspiration guide.  It is an easy sew construction, and the perfect project if you are new to embroidery.  Use the code TOADSTOOL50 for a half price launch discount of only $3.75.  I know it is rather generous, so take advantage today!  It is for a very limited time :)


Buy "A Village of Toadstools" Pattern


  1. Wow Lisa !!! Seeing all the different versions is just sooo inspiring for me. Am keen to get my blanket stash out & have a go now. Just gorgeous ... thanks for sharing with us.

  2. such a lot of variety - it really shows how versatile this pattern can be :o) xx

  3. These are AMAZING!!!!

  4. These are all so beautiful .. .. .. I'm so tempted .. .. ..

  5. Wow they all so unique and beautiful! So glad to hear you have had a great response to the pattern!!

  6. Your testers have done a marvellous job - and therefore the pattern must be pretty awesome! Gorgeous x


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