Winding Down

March 17, 2015

 It seems like the final month of pregnancy is often one of finishing off odd jobs, pottering about, and generally preparing and finalising things.

With my gallstones attack last week (yes, I can barely believe my poor luck!) I have spent the week resting, recuperating and gaining strength ready for the big day.   But of course you know me, I find it quite challenging to be doing nothing so it was a nice little treat to find a half finished pile of items only requiring some simple hand sewing to finish them off.  The perfect compromise to lying on the couch with my feet up, is lying on the couch with my feet up with some gentle hand sewing :)

Gosh, don't you feel so productive when you see a nice stack of finished items.  I had a lovely time packaging them up  in brown paper and string.  I had forgotten how joyful it is to pen little handwritten notes, and send goodies you have crafted with love and care off into the world for someone to enjoy. 

But now it is time to wind things down -  I wish to be able to soak up all those soon-to-be precious newborn moments and enjoy my days settling into a new life with the four of us very soon. My shop will still be open for "instant download" pdf patterns but this little pile of goodies will be the last things listed for some time.  (Update: All of these items have now sold except the yellow hottie cover)

Saying that, hand stitching is still my favourite time for me activity.  I love that place I can go to where my imagination runs free with a needle and thread in quiet moments here and there.  I'm sure there will still be some little embroidered things happening around here to share with you :)



  1. Oh such a lovely time, glad you are taking the time to enjoy. Best wishesxx

  2. stink about the gall stones but so much better to have them now than when you have a brand new bubba (if there can ever be a good time to have such a thing!) - your works is beautiful, timeless, caressing and whimsical xx

  3. Jenny Bartlett7:13 PM

    Well done. Enjoy your next "made by you" beauty ! Inspired by your Hottie Project last year I have made 2 lots of a hundred Hottie covers for low decile North Shore schools- and got donations of hot water bottles from The Warehouse, and hopefully Bunnings and Bed Bath and Beyond too. Arohanui, Jenny

  4. Hope the next few weeks are the best yet xx

  5. Exciting! Best wishes on your next little adventure xx

  6. What lovely, precious photos Lisa. The ones with you all : ) Ooh yes, I do love brown paper packages tied up with string. I love taking the time to make my parcels lovely when I send off my Trade Me sales...& writing personal notes. It seems to make all the difference to the recipient, doesn't it.
    Pretty hydrangeas & lovely stitching.
    All the very best for your birthing & the arrival of the "sister" into the midst of your dear family.
    Much love to you all, Catherine x0x0x


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