Briar and her wee clothes

November 06, 2015

I know I say it every time but oh my,  how I love making dolls....

Meet Briar, a lover of animals she gentle and kind, yet courageous and determined.  She adores spending time outdoors with her animal friends in the woods and the little bay near her house.  Climbing trees and observing the world from up high is a favourite pastime.  She is often stopping to collect treasures along the way...

Briar was started about a year ago, not long after finishing Fleur - she has had a long gestation period, which coincided with a little human gestation!  Although Briar was born a wee while ago, her clothing has come together more recently...

After dinner as part of our evening wind down, our little girl and I have been working on her wee clothes.  Our girl takes an age to eat her dinner, so it has become a nightly ritual for me to make a start at the end of the dinner table while she continues to munch whatever is left on her plate  (It is amazing how much faster she eats when distracted..)

Opinions on design and fabric choices are tossed about - My girl was quick to point out to me that as much as Briar loves being outside, she is still rather fond of sparkles, so it only seems right that Briar's garments be reversible, that way she can decide if it is a day for sparkles... or not :)

So, Briar sports a reversible woodland wrap top which ties with ribbons at the side.  Woodsy on one side and a pretty floral on the other!
A pair of classic pantaloons (a mini-me version of the children's ones!)  which of course can be made extra pretty with lace or trim.

But her favourite garment of all is her new "Animal" cape.  Briar loves her animal friends so much this seemed a fitting tribute - and it is reversible too.  Briar's is a sparkly gold on the reverse side, you know, because why not?!

So much love has gone into Briar, over a long period of time, and I think I am finally ready for her to venture out into the world.  Although I'm reliably informed that both Briar and Fleur are likely to be requesting more clothes options soon!  Briar  and her entire clothing bundle is available as a pdf pattern in my shop -  I can't wait to share both Briar, and some tips I have learned along the way with you.

Be prepared - doll-making is so enjoyable and they make such wonderful gift for little ones in your life.

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