July 11, 2016

There is nothing like a brisk breeze and a winter beach walk to blow the cobwebs away and create happy tired little bodies.  We have been making a point of bundling up the children and heading out for a family adventure each weekend during winter, as it is so easy to want to stay indoors by the fire.  Our girl requested we visit a beach we have only been to once before, when our little boy was just a tiny baby.

Yup, time flies!  I was feeling really chuffed I could layer up the children in freshly sewn woollen vests before heading out.  Designing and road-testing the new Pathfinder vest at this time of the year has been really great timing in terms of bulking up their winter closet.   I added the curved dropped back to help keep his little lower back covered up when he squats down to explore "things", and a classic round hood too.

"I'd love a Kitty Cat vest Mama!"    Well what Mama can turn that request down?  One Kitty Cat vest duly created :)  

I designed the new Pathfinder Vest so it was compatible with the Wild Things Coat pattern, so you can mix and match the hoods and create all 14 animals as vests too.  I wonder what animal she might decide to be next week?  This Kitty Cat one I sewed up in a nap time, so making another one isn't out of the question at all - in fact I really enjoyed it so much I might make another just because!

With the haze and low winter sun, the beach felt rather mystical and lovely - we must return here again sooner rather than later.
You can view the new Pathfinder Vest pattern in my shop using the button below.

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