Wild Things Blog Tour - Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Wild Things Coat blog tour.

We kick off with Aimee from Small Steps Big Noises. Aimee sewed a gorgeous cat coat. This is a very international tour which is visible in the different photo scenery's, yesterday there was snow and a fall forest, Aimee found a flowering meadow. Hop over to see the smart pocket placements on this coat.


The second stop today is Life With a Monster..., a Milk Monster. Abby sewed her daughter a cute giraffe coat using fabric up cycled from a $5 wool blazer. She used a giraffe print for areas of the hood, button strip and lining, the result is both sophisticated and fun.


The last Blogger coat of today is made by Miranda from Inspinration. Her daughter got a beaver coat, inspired by her best friend.  Check out the blog post to see how slightly adjusted lion ears become beaver ears and how a beaver can fly.


To complete todays managerie enjoy this happy bear from Cassie,

this awesome bunny bottom from Liesel,

this handsome fox from Alejandra,

and this cute doggie from Cathie.

Here you can visit yesterday's blog tour day and hope to see you back again tomorrow!

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