Wild Things Blog Tour - Day 1

Introducing Big Little's newest pattern - the Wild Things Coat!

These coats are destined to become children's favourite garments.  With so many options and sizes - you can actually make a different animal coat every year for 14 years!  Alternatively have a go at making any animal using the base templates provided.

Just a few hours ago the pattern was released and today is the first day of the Wild Things Coat blog tour. The testers have done such an amazing job in creating over 40 coats. While looking through over 600 pictures of proud and smiling kids it was decided that a blog tour was needed to show you some off the eye candy that the tester's group has been enjoying for the last few weeks. Every day there will be at least two bloggers,  pictures from testers that do not blog and some instagram goodies as well. So sit back, enjoy the line up and be sure to pop back tomorrow!

First stop today is Lisa from Big Little herself. In her blog post Lisa shows her wolf and unicorn coats and she tells how the whole project came about.

Second stop is Marie-Paule from So Popo Sew. Marie-Paule made a deer coat and she "shot" it in the woods, check out those smart dots at the back!


Our last blogger of today is Miss Castelinhos, she made a cool lion coat for her son, visit the blog post to see that hood from the front!


Instagrammer Glenda Morrow made this amazing Panda coat for her grand daughter, visit her account for more sightings of this rare animal.

As a dessert there is a cute bunny made by Alisa,

an adorable giraffe made by Jess,

and a fierce fox by Bec

Anxious to start your own version? Visit the Big Little Pattern shop and purchase your pattern during the launch sale with a 30% discount for only $8.40 (regular price $12) until Sunday.

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