Clue Answered - Doll Making!

July 28, 2011

I have wanted to make some dolls for the longest of time, and finally have started along the journey.  I'm taking it very slowly, doing little bits and pieces here and there while the poppet is asleep,  and am just loving the process.

After searching for quite some time for a pattern to purchase, I still couldn't really find exactly what I was looking for.  A vintage looking doll, with the classic full cheeks and life-like contours. 

Eventually a month or so ago, I purchased an old 1940's pattern and have spent time readjusting it somewhat to give the proportions and contours which I had in mind. After quite a bit of sewing, unpicking, re-drafting etc. I am now really happy with how the head and body are looking.

In time I wouldn't mind changing the hands and giving them actual fingers, but for now her little "lobsters" are still very sweet!

Next up I'll be working on her little facial features.  As everything is done during the poppet's "sleeping hours" it could take a wee while - but stay tuned for how they turn out!


You can now read about my entire doll making journey here:
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