Doll Making: Lips

August 02, 2011

My vintage style, doll making journey continues...  I am starting on the fun part, working on her facial features. She is really starting to come to life and it really is so thrilling!  Posts on making her limbs and body can be found here and here

Her lips are the first feature I am to embroider, so once again the sketchbook came out...
I wanted lush lips, but not too pouty.  Smiling but not cheesy.  Happy yet serene. 

With a sketchpad full of lips and armed with an air erasable pen I marked on her little smile.  When I came to stitch, however, I did learn a few things.

I found out that a single stitch on the edge of the lips can completely change the feeling of the smile. After a bit of stitching and unpicking I discovered two more things.
  • Lips look a lot more natural if they are not completely even from one side to the other.  Best to have one side of the lips neutral - as in quite straight and the other with a little upturn.  When I say little I mean just a single upwards stitch.
  • Although when drawing the lips on paper the line where the lips meet is in the middle but when stitching it seems to look better slightly higher. 

Next up will be her eyes - stay tuned!


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