Mini Baby Cape

September 07, 2011

This afternoon was spent putting the finishing touches on this lovely custom made reversible baby cape for a lucky little girl who lives in the opposite hemisphere.
Her mum wanted a really warm cape to go camping with her little girl in the fall.

As I make my garments from mostly vintage, reclaimed or thrifted fabrics,  it really depends on what I have on hand at the time as to what I can use.  

She liked the look of this beautiful fine wool houndstooth and the gorgeous purple paisley cotton for a splash of winter colour.  

The purple fabric was one L found for me at Fabric-a-brac in Wellington a few months ago. The combination of fabrics needed to be a bit warmer, but these were the preferred colours and textures.

Sandwiching a layer of padding in between was the perfect solution for extra warmth and snugliness. 

I appliqued a wee flower on the front using the lovely grey woolen yarn I found a few weeks ago which I wrote about here.

I could just make these lovely little capes every day.  Creating these teeny tiny baby ones is even more fun.

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  1. Looove the contrast of colors- truly beautiful! I'm antsy to get Norah in her cape, but it hasn't quite got "chilly" (it never gets very cold in Vegas, but the cape will be VERY useful when we visit home in Washington) yet. I know everyone is going to be so jealous!


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