Halloween Skeleton Jacket

October 30, 2011

With Halloween just around the corner, pirate jackets for costumes have been going out the door as fast as I can make them.  A few weeks ago I received an email from a lovely customer who ordered a pirate jacket and she wanted a second outfit for his younger brother!

Her request was for a skeleton outfit, so I put my thinking cap on and the new Big Little “Skeleton Jacket” was born. 

My honey helped me with the proportions of the skeleton (he is so clever with these things) and although we were minus a few ribs, the rest of the skeleton is anatomically quite good!

It comes complete with a little drawstring "loot bag" to stash the lad's candy in too!

Obviously I couldn’t have a skull on the jacket, so I fashioned a wee skull from felt and attached it to a string inside the pocket so the little guy wouldn’t lose it (he is only 1 year old– bless!)

Then I embroidered a little message on the back...

 The entire skeleton was painstakingly hand cut from felt and stitched on with literally hundreds of tiny hand stitches.  It was also positioned on the jacket to line up with the little guy’s body underneath – clever  J

The jacket is a long-line style, so I made the sleeves a little longer also so they can be rolled up to start with  and let down as he grows.  This way he may get two seasons out of it.  Even better.

I love the final result.  A fun costume that will transition well into a super cool, denim jacket - perfect for autumn/winter wearing.  It is well constructed and should take all the knocks a one year old will give it.

I haven’t time to make any more skeleton jackets ready for this Halloween (I am rather overloaded with orders at the moment) but I do hope for it to become a regular listing in my shop next year.

Here's hoping your Halloween preparations are in full swing.  Our little poppet is still too young, but I am looking forward to when she is old enough to have some fun...  :)


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    Oh how fantastic! it is beautiful.


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