Oak Leaf Pixie Hat Pattern

October 27, 2011

Many of you in the northern hemisphere who are enjoying autumn have requested a pattern for my Autumn Leaf Pixie Hat - so here it is!

The first hat I made was for our wee poppet which I crafted from one of my late Poppa's sweaters.  It had a lot of meaning for me and it made me smile each time I put it on her.

So find yourself a lovely old sweater, which is at least 80% natural fibre such as wool, alpaca, cashmere, angora etc.  It needs to have this percentage otherwise it won't felt nicely.

Then simply pop it into the washing machine on hot, followed by the dryer on hot.  When done it should have “felted” up so it won’t fray when you cut it.

Once you have this done, simply cut out the pattern and sew it up to make your very own snugly oak leaf pixie hat! 

The ties are made by braiding up lengths of yarn - and the templates for the oak leaf and acorn are simple to trace, cut and stitch on for a warm, cute hat for both little boys and girls.

This little hat somehow made me feel like I was going to enjoy Autumn, and enjoy it I did! 

This sweet little pattern is now available in my shop or if you don't fancy sewing and would like to purchase a ready made hat, you can order one here.



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  1. oh my god thats so cute, just seen your woodland cap aswell i love it!


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