Birthday Baking

March 06, 2012

Saturday was the day for making Poppet's birthday cake and we had so much fun choosing and deciding what to make.

We picked out this cake on pinterest as our favourite for the beautiful girly pink colours.  You can see pictures of the original cake and the recipe here.

My honey spent all day in the kitchen working his culinary magic and here is the result.  Although we deviated from the original, I think he created something simply beautiful.

Four lovely graduating pink layers completely covered in tiny rose-like pink swirls.  

I am so in love with it - totally girly, delightful and so so so perfect for our little girl's first birthday :)

Thanks honey for making my birthday cake dreams for her come true.


  1. yum! We celebrated a birthday this week too and there isn't nothing better than a bit of birthday cake covered in butter cream icing! Happy birthday to your little one!

  2. Beautiful Cake. Your man has a gift in the kitchen.

  3. That is the most amazing cake, happy birthday to your little one x x


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