Embroidered Botanical Coat

March 08, 2012

You saw a glimpse of this coat in my Handmade Wooden Button Tutorial, and I loved making this wee coat so much.  Let me tell you the tale behind it - as it is made from entirely recycled materials!

Firstly the fabrics:  The main body of the coat is made from a lovely cream woolen blanket which I found in a thrift shop in Whangamata with my cousin over the summer.  Although the lining isn't photographed, it is a combination of a soft pink cotton and a pink and purple floral print which coordinate nicely.

Embroidering botanicals is one of my favourite things to do, but this is the first time I have stitched imaginary blooms.  I wanted something pretty and feminine but still rather bold.

I bought a knotted up bag of tapestry wool over the Christmas break during an op shopping trip with my honey. Over time, bit by bit, I untangled all the threads which was quite a labour of love!  

There was rather a good selection of colours in the bag, but only a few strands of each, so I needed to use a combination to embroider my design.

If you look closely at the flowers you will see I have embroidered each one with a little smiley face :) French knots made the eyes and the remainder of the embroidery is worked in a simple chain stitch. 

Lastly came the buttons.  I knew I wanted something organic looking, and had my eye out for some nice wooden ones for a while, but didn't find anything just right.  Eventually I made my own - I wrote about how I made them here.  The wood came from our old orange tree and I love they way they finish it off.

This lovely little coat was started in December, with lots of love and time has been stitched into it.  If  you know a little girl aged 2-4 who would love a warm handmade winter coat, then you will find it in my shop shortly or you can email me thebiglittleshop@gmail.com for details.

Now that it is starting to get a little chilly here in New Zealand, I am enjoying working with the texture of wool again.  It is such a comforting fabric isn't it.

I hope to make some more little coats over the next month ready for winter.  
Any ideas?  


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  1. Ooooh, it's such a beautiful little coat!

  2. That is so pretty... just love the embroidery :)

  3. It's super sweet! Your buttons make it perfect too

  4. I love working with wool too - keeps your hands warm! Another exquisite creation.

  5. Lisa the coat is lovely. I was in the hospice shop in Royal Oak yesterday and they have about 60 or so unused wool tapestry threads if you are interested. It would be worth poppinhg in there.

  6. What an exquisite coat! I just love that you have thought of every little detail from the buttons to the smiling embroidered flowers

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  8. Such a beautiful little coat and the embroidery really makes it extra special. Well done!

  9. That is stunning, I totally love everything about it. Now off to check out your button tutorial :)


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