First Birthday

March 11, 2012

Poppet celebrated her first birthday recently and I would love to share some pics of her special day with you.  

We didn't have a theme for her party, I just wanted a relaxed gathering with some friends and family... my only requisite was to have some pink :)

Here she is trying on her dress and taking a look at herself in the mirror.  As soon as we put it on her she got all excited.  

Her little party dress was a birthday gift from her aunty.  Pink, frilly and girly, oh my she just looked so gorgeous, but of course I am biased.

She just loves being fussed over and combined with compliments from Grandma, she strutted about in her dress like a little princess.

We gathered with family and friends in the lovely Cornwall Park for her birthday picnic lunch. 

Despite a "Weather Bomb" hitting the country the day before, with power outages, floods and even roofs lifted off, the day was as perfect as could be - warm, sunny and calm.  

Friends came and went during the day and it was so enjoyable to catch up with everyone, including all the "little people" whom poppet has become friends with over the last year.

There was lots of fun and giggles to be had, and plenty of cuddles with adoring relatives.

Poppet was passed around like an old fashioned pass the parcel and she loved every minute of it.

There was delicious food including her beautiful pink first birthday cake (which I wrote about here) along with the most amazing cupcakes, all of which her Daddy lovingly made.

The four different cupcake flavours were lavender, pink velvet, marshmallow and blueberry all topped with the requisite pinkness and sprinkles!

and of course there was present opening... 

She had a pretty solid attempt at opening her presents herself, and Daddy was on hand to help out with the tricky bits :)

When we got back home there was even more present opening!

Note the change of outfit?   The lovely kilt was from her relatives in Scotland.
Seriously cute!

People say the first birthday is really for the parents, but I think I disagree.

Watching Poppet strut around that day - particularly back home after the picnic with her grandparents providing the perfect audience, there was no doubt in my mind she knew the day was all about her.  Just look at that little face...

Many thanks to everyone who joined us to share in her special day.  You really made it a day to remember!


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