Butterfly Pixie Hat

April 12, 2012

I actually made this hat a little while ago - but with autumn on our doorstep and the start of making this season's woolen embroidered winter coats , it seemed a good time for it to come out of the box. It was made with lots of love to keep a certain little noggin of ours snug and warm ready for this winter.

Hankering after something sweet and girly, I decided to use a similar butterfly design to the one used a while ago for my Bambi cape.  A simple design, but I think it has enough detail...

This beautiful lilac wool is a recycled sweater in a blend of angora and cashmere.  It is gorgeously soft and feels amazing to touch. 

I made a bunch of snowflake pixie hats from this sweater last year, and this wee hat used up the last of the lilac, but have recently sourced a bunch more yummy sweaters in a variety of colours.  Yay!

I am almost wishing the cooler weather to arrive so she can wear it :) 

In the meantime I plan to enjoy the warmth while we still have some, and spend some time outside playing in the leaves with Poppet.  She just loves scrunching them between her fingers and hearing them crackle. 

Wonderful that small things like this hold such delight!


PS:  I do plan to make more of these little sweeties ready for the winter if you would like one :)thebiglittleshop@gmail.com   


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