Christmas Baking

December 20, 2012

My relaxed but rather unprepared Christmas took a wonderful turn over the weekend.  We had guests who came bearing baking!

My Honey's Mum who is a great cook made us a big tin of her famous Christmas mince pies and an extraordinarily heavy, gorgeous Christmas cake.   I shared her recipe awhile ago here if you fancy baking one for yourself.  It is a tried and true recipe - super yummy.

Christmas just seems to be coming together this year, without me leaving the house.  Gifts have been handmade by me quietly in the evenings over the last few months, baking has simply arrived, our garden will be supplying our table contribution and tonight we plan to trim our little tree.

It feels good to be relaxing in our little piece of paradise making and creating rather than shopping and spending.

I wonder if my Honey will notice there are a few pies missing from the tin...


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