Toadstools in December

December 18, 2012

You might have noticed I have been a little quiet lately - everything is ok here, I have just been busying away in my studio.

Nights have been a little later, and mornings a little earlier - making, packaging, sending.  The lovely folk at my local post office have seen me every day for weeks now with armfuls of packages destined for far away lands.

Feeling rather like a little Christmas elf, tucked away in my forest studio making gifts!

The funny thing was, someone asked me today if I was prepared for Christmas.  I was a bit surprised to find myself saying we haven't put up the tree yet, or bought any presents, or sent any cards!  I am, however, feeling quite relaxed about our Christmas this year.  We are keeping it simple and mostly handmade.  More about that soon...

I hope your Christmas preparations are in full swing, and you are taking some time to enjoy the special moments that December has to offer.


PS: My last batch of Christmas toadstool ornaments will be available in my Felt shop until Thursday.

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  1. Aw, they look lovely! I think we have very similar taste with our makings. I'm looking forward to placing an order for a gorgeous dandelion coat when you've had your Christmas break. Enjoy!


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