Afternoon Baking

January 27, 2013

We decided to do a spot of baking this afternoon using this recipe here.

Baking seems to be a bit of a rare thing in our home lately, and I'm not sure why.  Lives get busy I suppose.  Baking bread was once an almost daily event and added a certain rhythm to the day.

Today's baking has reminded me, in a good way, that it is time to start again.  Now we have moved into our new home and feeling mostly settled, it is time to begin re-forming some simple family routines.  I think daily bread making is a good place to start.

We have our favourite tried and true bread recipes, however I think I will give a few new ones a try.  I like the look of this one by Sophie Grey and also this one from Annabel Langbein.

Do you have a great bread recipe?  I would love to hear from you...


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  1. Hi there.

    I make a spelt sourdough for my playgroup babies and Mamas/Daddys twice a week.

    However, at home I swear by the boule dough recipe in the book Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day. I found you can add any seeds to it when you are mixing up the initial dough and it is made even more fabulous.

    The dough is super easy to make (no kneeding required) and it can stay in the fridge to be baked daily or as required for up to one week! Amazing. I found it bakes equally well in a loaf tin or just on a tray or pizza stone and also freezes well once baked! Amazing and well worth a shot.

    Here's a link to the recipe online

    There is a you tube link too here.

    By the way, our tomatoes are amazing this year. There are some crazy types I have never seen before, so that is fun! Thank you.


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