Bunny and Hotties

January 24, 2013

I embroidered a couple of hottie covers last night and sewed them up this morning.
The wee bunny was made from some leftover green wool - his little scarf is fashioned from the edge of the apricot blanket.

Stitching dandelions is one of my favourite things to do when a little tired to work on something complex, but wish to be doing something with my hands.  I find them simple and soothing to embroider with their round fuzzy edges and whimsical tufts...

These ones are gifts for someone special.



  1. Delightful
    cheers Marie

  2. Oh my goodness Lisa - that bunny is so gorgeous!! Great idea to use the blanket edging as a scarf :) I agree, it's nice to have some handcrafting to relax :D (I get quite tetchy when I've been using my sewing machine too much!)

  3. Beautiful work! The scarf on the rabbit put a smile on my face- I've been making woolly vests out of blankets this summer, and my girls have been taking the blanket edges and using them as scarves on their toys. They obviously do the job well :)


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