Botanical Op-Shop Finds

April 24, 2013

My op-shop finds this week have a botanical theme.  A necklace of threaded seeds, dyed in natural hues of red, green and purple.  Our bling-loving little girl is besotted...

Beautiful botanical embroidered napkins in soft linen.  Almost too nice to use, but we will use them as our everyday napkins because we all need a little something beautiful in our day :)

My favourites are the pansy and poppy...


Linking up with the lovely Max from Blackbird Has Spoken.


  1. OK so I def need to find out where the best local op shops are from you!

    These are GORGEOUS love them

  2. Beautiful. Finds and photographs. My favourite is the daffodil and totally agree with using them, its the pleasure you get from the little things that is sustaining (and yay to non-plastic kiddy bling!). Lovely to have you linking up x

  3. Good to hear they're not going to be tucked away in a drawer, but used every day. I've got a set of embroidered napkins from our wedding and I've made sure some of them are in regular use.

  4. Wow these are gorgeous! You have a great eye for these things!

  5. Oh, beautiful napkins - what a find! Hope your little girl enjoys her lovely new bling-bling necklace - they look so pretty :D

  6. What a beautiful set of napkins! Love the daffodil xx

  7. Stunning napkins. They are lovely. Cx


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