Wool Felt Bead Tutorial

April 29, 2013

This little necklace was one of the handmade goodies I made for our little girl's birthday.  She loves it so much.  Often we hear a wee voice.. "lellow, owange, gween..." proudly reciting her colours.  I call that a win! For me there is nothing nicer than my little girl loving something I have made with my own hands, just for her :)

A few people have asked how I made it - so I have put together an easy tutorial so you can make your own too.

All you need is some wool roving, fine elastic, soap and a needle.  Simple.

Start with a small amount of wool roving (washed, carded wool)

Gently open the fibres up a little

Place it on your hand

gently wet it just a little by dripping some water onto it with your other hand

Squeeze a small amount of liquid soap in the middle.  
(I use eco-store dishwash which is kind to my skin and the environment :)

Start scrunching the middle bit a little with the fingers of your other hand

Gently scrunch the edges as well, gently, gently, gently forming a ball

Add a little more water, start rolling gently.  Continue rolling until the ball shrinks, adding more pressure as it gets smaller and firmer.  Rinse from time to time to remove the excess soap

Voila - your felted wool bead!  
Once you have your desired number of beads, string them onto fine elastic with a needle.

Present it to you child and wait for the smiles :) xx


  1. Such a gorgeous necklace. I know how to needle felt, but always wondered how you make those little balls. I think I'll have a go with my girl this week. Thanks for sharing. Cx

  2. So cute! and so easy! thanks for sharing - it is going on my to-do list!

  3. SO making one of these. ASAP!
    (ps your girl is gorgeous)

  4. love this!!! Really want to make some x


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