TV Free Childhood - Planting Seeds

October 07, 2013

Looking for ways to entertain a toddler with a broken leg (or not!) without tv?
Plant some seeds!

To make it a little easier for little hands,  place cardboard rolls snugly into an ice cream container or similar.

Have your toddler fill the rolls with potting mix using a spoon.  When 3/4 full add the seeds then fill up with more mix.  We planted some beans gifted to us by a friend last year.  The size of beans are good for small fingers to cope with.

A little teapot makes a sweet watering can.

Wait for them to sprout and plant out into the garden together.  We did this on the first week of our broken leg journey with the hope we could plant them out together by the time she is mobile again.

Here they are a week or so after planting :)   Oooh exciting!

What are your favourite things to plant or grow with your children?
Any recommendations?



  1. We love doing sprouts. I sprout green lentils (they taste like fresh peas), alfalfa, raddish is yummy. Because twice a day they have to rinse them and they are normally good to eat a week later. Or use an old strawberry pottle and put cotton wool damp in the bottom and sprout mustard seed. Cut onto white buttered bread about 6-10 days later.

  2. Ohhh, I just thought of something else to do in the garden. Make a little hobo stove out in the garden and then make pancakes on it. It is all about making the stove, making a fire and then cooking something yummy for lunch or afternoon tea. If you want to see how I did it - - cheers

  3. Good morning Lisa - I just pulled my packet of giant Sunflower seeds out of the cupboard this morning & after reading your post, I thought they might be great for children to grow also ... they dont necessarily have to be the giant ones either ... just any sunflowers are such happy cheery flowers :-)

  4. this is so lovely. Do link in to BMWB if you'd like to. such a sweet little face full of concentration x

  5. So clever and so Cute x


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