Op Shop Finds - Teapot and Elephants

October 08, 2013

I just can't seem to go past a cute little teapot in an op-shop.  I'm not sure whether it is me or our little girl who loves them more, but I tell myself I am buying them for her :)

My teapot buying days are numbered though, as she already has a teapot for the sandpit and a teapot for the play house, and a teapot for a watering can.  

I'm simply not sure what this tiny teapot will be used for and I don't mind.  With its rather fairy tale pumpkin-like shape, and deliciously soft green hue it will be a beautiful addition to our home.

The teeny tiny elephants (about the size of a teaspoon) are the most gorgeous candles I have ever seen.  We light candles for all sorts of things in our home; bathing, dining, story time... so these will settle into our home very quickly I'm sure.

I really love my op-shop finds this week.



  1. Oh me too, I love them!

    That teapot is gorgeous (your photos divine). I love the gourd shape, perfect for this time of year over here.

    I have some little candles like that too I found in a thrift store. There's a little boxed set of them in different colours and fragrances, but I'm thinking they are too nice to burn!!

  2. Super cute. Maybe it is actually a tea pot for her to have a tea party with.

  3. love love love - what delicious finds
    I'm a bit of a candle girl myself

  4. So cute! and I'm sure one can never have too many teapots x

  5. That tea pots is really beautiful, i love celadon glaze, so classic. I finally published my op-shop post, been preoccupied with sick kids again!

  6. Love the tea pot..I'm sure your little one will love it too!

  7. Beautiful teapot! Its lovely. I have some wee elephants the same as that, just gorgeous - I was gifted them in some markets in Thailand.

  8. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Nice little teapot! this one was made in YiXing China in the 80s, the place is where celadon ware was started thousands of years ago. Nowadays in the drive to make quick money, they no longer make such nice things. So, keep it safe and enjoy!


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