The Time Has Come 44/52

November 01, 2013

Teddy and his girl finally had their casts removed.

I suppose what I saw for the first time, was a glimpse into what she thought her future held.
Even though we prepared her for the cast coming off, and talked about it, she didn't really have a concept of what that meant to her.

Someone felt a little vulnerable when the cast first came off.  I guess the sensation of that support disappearing after so many weeks of it being part of you can be a little distressing until you adjust.

When the doctor encouraged her to take some steps, she could barely believe it. "I walk?"  Although the stamina for walking isn't quite there yet, she stood up and put weight on her leg and the puzzled expression turned to a smile.  You could literally see the opportunities running through her mind.   "I DANCE?"  Yes honey, you will be able to dance soon too!

The joy on her face brought tears to my eyes.  She was so utterly delighted.  I melted.

I'll leave it at that.



  1. Oh yay! Such good news. xx

  2. Cute! I bet she'll adjust really quickly. :)

  3. Bless xx and Whoohoo!!

  4. Oh, beautiful soul! I bet you're pleased to have finally arrived at this point.

  5. yay!! I DANCE? Oh that we all asked that question every day. That is so precious xxx

  6. I dance .. .. .. oh my I had tears in my eyes at the one sentence
    Bless you sweetheart my darling girl and her Mama

  7. Awww so gorgeous! What a dear little girl :)

  8. Oh sweet little honey. So glad she's on the mend xxx

  9. Exciting times ahead! Such a great feeling for you both xxx


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