TV Free Childhood - Feeding the Ducks

October 28, 2013

Breaking the cycle of early morning morning tv -  a rather early, morning jaunt to feed the ducks.

You just can't go past a wee trip to feed the ducks to adjust a mood. Often reserving these types of excursions for a sanity break mid afternoon, I think a few more early morning outings might be on the cards for a calm and peaceful way to start our day.

A great little entertainer for an immobile one - sitting on a park bench while the ducks come to her, lots of fun interaction, it also provides her a sense of control which at the moment is important.

Cries of "don't eat my toes!" are interspersed with giggles.

Happy days.



  1. Cute! Glad you're finding things to do with a leg in a cast. :)

  2. Ducks are always great for cheering up x

  3. Hope Mama gets some time to sit and stitch or read a book whilst the ducks are being fed

  4. So cute, I hope they don't eat her toes. My daughter was traumatised by over zealous ducks when she was this age!


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