Thread Storage from Vintage Teaspoon Rack

October 08, 2013

I'm a little embarrassed to say that up until now, my hand sewing spools have lived jumbled up in a cardboard box.  Now they are organised and looking lovely in a vintage teaspoon rack!

Yes, my op-shop find for $1 has actually been really practical, and a little girl I know has been entertained for ages, arranging and re-arranging all the colours.  An added bonus.

All I did was insert some little dowels into the existing slots.  You will just need to make sure the width of the dowel is smaller than the hole in the cotton reel. My rack is turned upside down so I could fit in an extra row.

When I get around to it, I'll give it a wee paint and make it look pretty, but for now I'm happy with something functional.

So now my hand sewing threads are neatly stored on the wall in a little corner of our living room.



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  1. oh that looks brilliant, and lovely and colourful x

  2. Oooh I need one of those! What a great way to store your threads :-)

  3. A great idea for storage. I also find that if you need to entertain kids give them a muffin tray and a big jar of buttons, you will be fascinated with how they sort them and what they do.

  4. super idea. i love it! mine are in box.

  5. What a great idea Lisa ... my kids used to love playing with all my coloured cotton reels also ... & they loved my button tin. I shall look twice at those dusty old teaspoon holders in the Op shops now :-) Plus you have found another little way to entertain your wee girl while she is in her cast :-)

  6. OMGoodness what a fantabulous idea - sending my Mum this post so she can look out for me at the recycling centre

  7. This is freakin' genius! Love it!


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