On My Worktable - Little Dress

January 22, 2014

As with everything, when something is your business you always seem to get left until last.  So when I close my shop for the summer holidays I relish the opportunity to make things for our family.  This year I had a bunch of things in mind, and I'm pleased with how many little "makes" have slowly come together.

I'm not sure what it is about sewing for your family that feels so, so good but I really love it.

Perhaps it is the delightfulness of having your little one proudly exclaim "Mama made it for me!".
Or the feeling of providing something from your hands and your heart to those you love?
Maybe the thriftiness of it - I picked up the fabric for this dress for about $2 and I used less than half of it.  (I know!)

Whatever the reason, I will keep making things until they are no longer accepted.  Long may it last that things that "mama made" are exciting and special!

This year I started with this little dress.
Sweet, practical and most importantly she loves it.


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  1. oh it's beautiful and so cheap in monetary terms but priceless on every other level! xxxxx

  2. that dress looks like every little girl's dream frock! hopefully the acceptance extends as far as teenage years and beyond!

  3. It is the prettiest dress and I'm not surprised it is loved

  4. That is just lovely Lisa - you have done a beautiful job & isnt it so exciting when it only cost such a small amount - Oh & I love the fabric :-)
    I do so know what you mean about making things for your business ... you yourself certainly do get left til the very last. I am trying to finish myself a jacket from about 3 winters ago !!!!!

  5. Love love this dress - simply A-dorable! xx

  6. That is the sweetest little dress! The fabric is beautiful! For me its all the things you mentioned and when your child exclaims to everyone they meet that their mummy made it, it always give me warm fuzzies! Long live those days :)) My eldest is nearly 12 and he still is proud of wearing mama made clothes :)) Phew!

  7. Pretty fabric. I always come to your blog expecting something made from wool!

  8. Love love love Lisa! The colour combo is adorable x

  9. Really cute!!
    I am co hosting Fluster's Creative Muster Link Party and I want to thank you for linking up!!


  10. What an amazing price, but what a stunning dress. Wow she looks gorgeous in it.


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