Summer Salads

January 25, 2014

I would love to try making some new salads this summer so I am putting out the call for some salad inspiration... Please, share with me your favourite summer salads!

Our little girl isn't all that fussed on traditional salad.  Although she loves picking salady things from the garden, lettuce and tomato won't pass her lips.  Hence the blueberries, cherries and little blue borage flowers for a little enticement.

Dishing up ones own salad with the big servers, although not guaranteeing consumption, definitely raises the chances :)

No fancy food styling here.  The blurry pics are evidence of me trying to sneak in a quick photo or two as I put them on the table before they were devoured by our holiday visitors.

I would love to know what salads you have been making this summer so I can try some new ideas.  Thanks!



  1. Hello
    A new to me salad ingredient this year is raw grated beetroot. Yum oh. Of course you cant really throw it in a mixed salad (unless you like pink a lot) but rather serve it as a side.



  2. last summer we made a couple of new nice, cooling salads. one was a mix of red watermelons, cucumber chunks, coriander leaves, mint leaves, rocket or a milder salad leaf, and hoisin sauce as dressing. the other one was rocket, pear chunks and balsamic vinegar. hope you will like them if you try them :)

  3. I remember seeing some delicious salads posted on the tiny happy blog... Thanks for reminding me as I'm going to go back and search for them. Ur salads look great. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. lovely! Loads of salads here with hot egg and almonds drizzled with olive oil and lime juice xx

  5. looks yummy and your little one is adorable x

  6. I love the borage flowers on your salad. Sadly my girl will nibble at the lettuce and loves capsicum and cumber as long as its not dressed. Baby steps huh? You could try this noodle salad, its a favourite at our house

  7. Ha! My boy will eat a bit of cucumber and carrot. I dream of the day he eats a salad!

  8. mmmm i'm afraid most of the salads we do have either leaves of some sort, tomatoes, or capsicum (hahaha) in it! But I shall put my thinking cap on!


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