Cookie Connection - Adventure 4

February 26, 2014

So far our Cookie Connection has gone really smoothly, but this week it went pear shaped.  It all started off well with a fresh new batch of cookies made from Linda's family recipe - Donkey Drops!
We set off in the early evening with our cookie bag pausing to pick to flowers along the way (as you do) before walking down the squillion steps to the house we had chosen for this weeks delivery.  Alas no-one was home!  So we had to walk back up the squillion steps to the road again, still with cookie bag in hand.  Oh dear.

So off to the next house!  We walked down another never ending outdoor staircase...

...and discovered a little fairy house in the bottom of a tree, so we stopped to ring the bell of course.  It turned out those fairies weren't home either.  Is there no-one home on our road?  Finally we made it to the house and hooray, there was a lady in the kitchen who looked out and saw us.

So this is where it wall went pear shaped.

We knocked and no-one answered.  Our little girl was quick to tell us to keep knocking because she saw someone.  "They are inside Mama!"  Alas the lady hid in another room until we left. We discovered it is a little tricky to explain to a 2/3 year old why someone might not want to come to the door.

Never mind - we left our cookie bag on her doorstep with a little note explaining our cookie project.  We certainly hope they enjoy their cookies and maybe we will meet them some other time :)

Better luck next week.


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  1. when i moved where i am living now, i also reached out to meet my neighbors (though unfortunately none of them are within a walking distance, so i went more like "let's do all the houses within a 3 kilometre radius from here" which was, i think... nine?) and i wrote a letter to everyone, explaining who we are and where we now live and if they feel like it then we would love to meet our neighbors. to each letter i added a little photo.

    the best thing that happened from that is probably an old couple, in their eighties, who live down the hill from us (man, i should stop adding this "down the hill from us" because EVERYTHING is down the hill from here...) and they've become sort of our... foster grandparents. we visit them almost every weekend and my son is like their grandchild, or a great-grandchild.

    we have tea and biscuits, and help them with little gardening bits sometimes, and when last winter he had a hip surgery and couldn't walk, every week we made a trip down to their woodshed and stacked up their firewood for the next week by the back door.

    and this couple who i now love dearly is, i think, helping me keep sane in this place. i feel like i've got family here!

    i enjoy reading about your cookie connection. i also thought about trying to bake something alongside my letters, but i am not, how to put it... a very talented baker, for one, and two, i thought they might have reservations about eating my cookies given that i wasn't dropping them off in person but in their mailboxes.

    but, hey, connection is a connection, right!

    1. Such a great story Maria! Love it!

  2. That fairy house! adorable! You win some you loose some - I'm sure they/she loved it once they read the note x

  3. Oh my goodness ... where to begin ... firstly I just adore the very first pic of your wee girl - look at that delightful face - it looks like she is saying "hurry up - I've got the cookies here ready". Pure joy.
    I think perhaps the lady saw you & thought you might be selling something - its awful when you know they are there but they dont answer the door. I think this happens alot nowadays. That was great that you left a note with the cookies . Yes I can imagine how your little one didnt quite understand. Lucky she discovered the fairy house along the way :-)

  4. I hope that the note and the biscuits will open the friendship barriers. Sometimes people think that you might be Jehovah witness or someone soliciting things. It is an amazing project. keep it up.

  5. Oh shame. Never mind you did discover the Fairy house!


  6. Fairy House !!!!
    Love the photos but oh so sad the lady hid :(

  7. All those stairs, with those you walk into a totally different world, looks wonderful (although it must be a pain with lots of grocery bags). A lady with a fairy house should open a door, but I can sort of relate, I too don't feel like answering the door if I'm not expecting anyone, usually there isn't anything as delicious and cute behind the door as in your case.

  8. Certainly an adventure! Imagine, though if you hadn't gone that way you would never have found the fairy door & it's little bell. I adore your cookie bags...what a lovely shape & gorgeous fabrics & such a heart-warming project too...good for you! I love the precious photo...bare skin & kitten. Perfect. Not so great the temp..hope all is well once more. Have a lovely week. Much love Catherine (still giggling at the donkey drops)

  9. Anonymous7:55 AM

    if they didnt open the door, it's their loss...
    im in love with the first photo, she's sooooo cute

  10. I love that little fairy house! Maybe Maria's idea of writing a letter is a good one? Perhaps sending a little note saying you might be visiting? I've hidden before *guilty face*, we get so many religious callers who don't really seem that gracious even though I'm always so polite. I hope the future ones are more successful!


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