Cookie Connection - Adventure 5

March 24, 2014

The Cookie Connection continues again this week - connecting with our neighbourhood by delivering a batch of cookies to a neighbour in our street each week.The gorgeous summer evenings delivering when daddy comes home from work will soon be over.  The days are becoming darker and the need to move our delivery day to the weekend will be upon us in no time so we are relishing these last adventures before winter hits.  I think we were all a little disheartened after our last delivery so I did have some anxious feelings about wanting this one to be a positive experience.  As an aside you can see Cyclone Lusi left us with lots of interesting leaves and branches to poke through as we wandered down the road.

Lets go to this house Mama! By now you are probably beginning to realise why we don't see a lot of our neighbours.  Many are down rather long driveways, through bush and often with epic outdoors staircases.  Although our houses are not far away from each other, due to the bush and inaccessibility they certainly seem so.
A very excited little girl knocked on the door but alas no-one was home.  Oh no!
Was it to be a repeat of the last delivery?  It is always a little heartbreaking to see an excited child lose their enthusiasm.  Do we call it a day and try again tomorrow?  
Of course not.  Try, try and try again :)

My honey spotted another set of steps a wee way through the bush going down to another house. 
This meant that if we went cross country through the bush we didn't need to go all the way back up to the top, just to come all the way back down again to the next house.  The little lady did very well and needed a bit of a "daddy carry" at one point to reach the new set of steps, but it was well worth it to avoid the alternative.

After quite the adventure we did find someone home. 

A lovely, lovely man who was truly blown away by our gesture. 
Seeing the smile on his face was such a buzz, and the pride on our little girl's face when she handed over the bag was priceless.  

... and just like that - our day felt great.  

On the way home, we were all-a-twitter about what the next cookies will be, ooh... which house shall we choose and cries of "we do another one now mama?"

Yes.  We are certainly back on track.


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  1. Oh Lisa your cookie connection posts certainly warm my heart & make me feel so full of joy on this Monday morning :-)
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us & taking us on your little "journeys" ... I must say ... your gorgeous wee girl is looking more & more grown up too !!! Happy week to you all ... Julie x0x

  2. Lovely story. Keep up that sweetness!

  3. Something like this will always get more positive than negative outcomes!! Yay for having this adventure, and im sure many more to come, being positive! xx

  4. really nice that you've had a good experience this week!
    also, amazing-looking nature you have over there.
    greetings from Finland :)

  5. I do so love these posts and seeing the looks of delight on your wee girls face.
    YES to a successful delivery :) and lovely to see 'you' on your blog


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