Jars of Happy - Peach Jam

March 21, 2014

Thanks to friends who shared their surplus fruit, we made some happy jars of peach and apple jam.
Just seeing these lined up in my store cupboard makes me feel good.

Happy friday all.


  1. wow that's like canning sunshine! peach and apple jam sounds so good. nice you have such generous friends!
    (btw, i've been following your cookie connection posts too, and i'm a bit envious - this will sound odd, but unluckily it just wouldn't work in this town/country. here it's considered unforgivable and rude to knock on someone's door as a stranger for casual things, meaning you're not a postman or an official, even for friends or family you always have to ring first, nobody does the just popped round thing.... it's really hard to meet new people here, meaning Finland. Lucky you!)

  2. Looks like golden sunshine delight!

  3. WOW that looks fantastic
    Yummy garden goodness


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