Embroidered Blanket

May 21, 2014

You know when you have a bunch of things that need doing, you somehow manage to procrastinate and do something non-urgent?  Well, this wee blanket has been on my mind for so long that I decided to make a little start on it despite all the looming work.

Choosing one of the softest, most well behaved blankets in my stash I cut out a baby buggy/knee rug/bean bag snuggler sized blanket.   One of my favourite vintage sheets was selected for the backing - actually it was an opened out pillowcase and it decided the size for the blanket.  Too easy.

The plan is to embroider a few sweet little embroideries in random squares on the blanket and hand quilt it to the backing.  A simple project, but one I imagine is going to be quite time consuming with a little bit done here and there as a nice distraction when needed.

I wonder if crafting procrastination is a global phenomanon?



  1. Sounds lovely! and yes I'm completely part of that group :)

  2. Oh it'll be so pretty Lisa. Good time of year to make snuggly things I think.

  3. oooooo, excitingly pretty and promising ;)

  4. I don't know if it is global but insure happens around here!

    Blankie idea looks and sound lovely

  5. I know all about crafting procrastination! I will look forward to seeing this one, Lisa. x

  6. Crafting is definitely a global procrastination .. I have 2 coats cut ready to sew, a couple of softies that need finishing and a pair of trousers sans waistband - not to mention the washing that piled high and the general mess... so this evening I sewed up a pencil roll. Procrastination at its best!

  7. i think crafting procrastination is very common - sometimes i even think it might be part of the creative process! well, that's what i tell myself anyway :) love the idea of a mini blanket embroidered and hand-quilted.


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