The Cookie Connection

So what is The Cookie Connection all about?

Once a week this year, together with our little girl, we plan to spend a lovely hour together baking a batch of cookies and hand delivering them to someone in our neighbourhood who we are still to get to know.

The idea came to me over a year ago; we had just moved into our first home in a village where I didn't know a soul.  Feeling rather isolated and recovering from post natal depression, I was looking for a way of getting to know my neighbours.

At the time, staying at home and baking (one of my favourite things beside stitching) seemed like more fun than introducing myself to a bunch of people I didn't know - especially with the associated anxiety that accompanies feeling sleep deprived!  So I decided to combine the two and the Cookie Connection was born.  Here we are a year later and the deliveries have started!

It is so rewarding, lots of fun and just a really nice thing to do, especially with your children.  The  perfect opportunity to make some wonderful connections in your neighbourhood.

Fancy doing your own Cookie Connection?

Yay!  I'm sure you will really enjoy it and I would love to hear how it is going :)  I will be sharing our Cookie Connection journey in the linkup below each week and you can join in here too.  Link up your recipes, blog posts etc. and if you are not a blogger you can leave recipes and reactions from neighbours in the comments section at the bottom.

Free printables!

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  • Printable "Cookie Connection" gift tags/cards to attach to your cookie bags
  • Tutorial and template to make a simple drawstring bag for your cookie deliveries
  • Ingredient list template - To let your recipient know the ingredients of your cookies to avoid allergy issues.
  • Some yummy cookie recipes!

Did you receive a cookie bag and want to say thanks?

Yay - how cool you received a cookie bag!    We would love to hear from you - please reach out and say hi in the comments section which you will find by scrolling right to the bottom :)

Thanks ever so much.

Lisa  x


  1. Thus is awesome Lisa! What a fantastic project!! Inspiring x

  2. Great idea! I was going to add my link but I see it is closed.

    1. Hi! The link should be working again now :) Wonderful to have you joining in, Lisa xx


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