Doll Making - Clothes

September 01, 2011

Welcome to my doll making journey.  

If you are just joining, my goal is to create a classic vintage style cloth doll, giving her a slightly more modern look while keeping those lovely vintage elements.  You can ready previous posts on her eyes here and colouring them here, lips here, limbs here and hair here!

I have never made any doll's clothes before - so I thought I would familiarize myself with the proportions by making the dress from the original doll pattern I am basing my doll on.

It was a relatively simple pattern, with a bodice and little sleeves joined onto a ruffled skirt.

The original pattern actually had three tiers of layered ruffles on the skirt, but I changed it to a simple single layer of gathering.  The back joins together with ribbons and I added some antique lace around the neckline which I salvaged from an old doily which was in disrepair.

I forgot to take a pic of her petticoat, but you can see the bottom of it, to which I also added the lace, poking out from under her dress.

Her little shoes are very cute, although I have lots of ideas for new shoes...

So here she is in her entirety so far!

I love the red and gold fabric of which a lovely length was gifted to me from P.  I hope she likes what I have made from it ;)

As I mentioned earlier - these clothes are just a trial to get me familiar with the sizing etc, and over the next few weeks I hope to make her more clothes with a more relaxed and adventure-y feel to them from recycled fabrics and maybe a spot of embroidery too.


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  1. Can't wait for the dolls to show up in the shop- I LOVE them! I'm always worried about modern dolls having little parts that my daughter will pry loose and eat, so cloth dolls would be much better for the little monster :)

  2. How pretty! I've been making similar dolls for the past few years. They're fun - but time consuming! Or maybe I'm just really slow at what I do :)

  3. Where did you find that doll pattern? Is it available to purchase? I love the shape of the face and you have done such a beautiful job with the embroidery, hair and clothes! Gorgeous!

  4. I was wondering if you could give/point me in to the right direction of the pattern you're using. Quite honestly I've fallen in love with this little doll and would love to try my hand at making one! Any help you could give would be much appreciated

    1. Hi there, if you would like to email me at I can help you. Lisa x


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